QbieShay: Sketch#53 - Bouncing Ball

Hey there! Going for some magical girl bouncing ball transformation!

For the references I’m mostly eyeballing it (pun intended) and taking inspiration from this video: Magical Transformation 変身 Sakuga MAD - YouTube

My own rough concept is this:


For today I have a little animation of the wind up with rough textures.

Next goal: dust puffs when jumping up!


I have to say, I used Godot to create some VFX and this is somewhat challenging to do, so keep it up!! :sparkles:

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Wow that’s awesome! Would you mind having a chat with me about the roadblocks you encountered?
I’m part of the development team of the engine and feedback on the engine from professionals is scarce but definitely needed :pray:

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Sure! Send me a DM on Twitter!

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