Q7204k: Sketch #39

Final version:

Hi there)

I love SNES, although I never had one (emulator only).
Several years ago I was in USA as a work and travel participant and bought a laptop for internet and games. And it was really cheap laptop =D So SNES games were my only option (or one of the best). I’ve played for so many hours… the good old days).

Ok, back to the sketch) I’ve took Front Mission: Gun Hazard as my main reference.
Also I want to use as few resources as possible to make it more challenging.
Engine - Unity.

Right now I have:
Background: art/screenshot from Battlefield (found on the internet) and put it in “Pixelator” (link):

One tiled texture of the explosion (this time made in Photoshop). Original art:


And several effects with this texture:

Plans: in progress


Added flying missiles, some colors changed, new vfx - rain of fire.

Безымянный проект
*don’t know why but image resolution is lower than it should (


Added simple parallax effect (only 2 layers):
I am not very happy with the result, but it works.

Added an extra layer of fire rain for background (smaller and slower):

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Added clouds and top&bottom lines for styling + small changes here and there. Now it’s looks like a game intro =D

All weather effects together:

*can’t use gifs anymore - they are too heavy =(

Final version! I present to you the Battlefield 2020! =D

*added missiles, explosions and more fire. Result is quite simple and a little bit off the theme (vfx is ok, but background not form SNES, my bad)
Anyway it was fun to do it)

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