Q7204k: Sketch #38

Forgot to add final video in the first post:

Hi) I want to try to make a comet in Unreal Engine - and it’s gonna be a good challenge for me because usually I work in Unity.
Still looking for ideas but I think it’s going to be something simple:


But maybe I’ll change my mind in the process)


Good lucky, I know that will be a great job!

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Neat :smiley: If you need any specific UE4 help, feel free to ask away!

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Hi) Finally I have something to show. Well… it was much harder to find some free time for practice than I expected… Result is ridiculously simple and looks…ok. It took me whole month to finish it and I can remake the same effect in Unity in a few minutes =D
But it was great to learn UE4 vfx from scratch. I’ll definitely continue =)


Made in niagara (awesome particle system!). I have so many questions but so little time to find answers over the Internet. Most of them are newbie questions so I’ll keep them until the next sketch.