Projectile Study

Hi Guys. Here my last work, that was fun to work on it. Feel free to give me your feedback.

Cheers !


I love the beginning. It’s unusual :grinning:. But end sparks are no good. Try to change them.

Hi :3
Cool style! And I really like the beginning.
About the disappearance of these particles. I am not a professional and I may be wrong, but shouldn’t they be a little faster?


Hey, thank you. I replaced the video, I changed the life time from 1 to 0.4.

Hello, there are many ways to do this effect. It can be faster for more visibility (like the purple one ) but I chose to slow it down because I like it.

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I was very tired to speak yesterday. I don’t think it was worth changing the sparks lifetime. The main problem is that they are small and inconspicuous compared to other parts of the effect.

Thank you for your advice. A lot of people tell me they prefer the beginning, I will do better for the next works.

I think bg should be more darker and there should be spheres. Shadow on bg and flash should not stay for that long

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