Problem with attack area

Hi, every time I draw an attack/damage area, it seems that it is directed not forward, but upward. How to make it seem like it’s really on the ground?
image image
And am I right? Attack area? Or how will it be in English?

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It doesn’t look upwards to me, it looks rather ambiguous.
Here’s some ideas that might help:

  • make the further parts wider and closer, this should help the eye follow the perspective.
  • add a rounded part at the end. The rounded part will look more elliptical lying down, so exaggerate if necessary.
  • make ground surface details visible through area indicator. I believe projectors might work a bit better in that case.
  • position the camera either further behind the character, or alternatively make the direction of your attack indicator different then the direction your camera is looking at.

Hope that helps somewhat.

Oh, yeah, attack area indicator or telegraph are used quite often when talking about this, I believe.

If I understand what you mean, and you’re using particles, you need to change the alignment type of the particle from View (by default) to Local on the Renderer tab, and then rotate the particle system accordingly to match the forward axis of your playable character.

Hi, no, I have another problem, this is all right.

Thanks, I will try :slightly_smiling_face:

what if you kinda highlight the edges of the tiles by comparing the world normal against 0,0,1 or the vertex normal.

Thank you, I will try