PowerAnze: Sketch #16 WIP

Hey there. I am fairly new to vfx and hope that I can create a decent effect!
My Shield it inspired by “The Legend of Aangs” Earth benders.

Now as a video.





Some Sketches where I want to go with the effect.


Love to see what you do with this, very exciting. You going to keep it stylized?

What programs do you use?

@colbaltblue Yes, it will stay stylized like this and Im working in Unity.

I am making very slow progress. Stone Meshes will probably stay like that and I will try how the smoke looks as a mesh aswell. A thing I didnt knew before is that Unity only takes four meshes for its particle system, but I actually made six for variation.

I am also quite unsure about having choosen the right approach. I still feels kinda attack-ey I fear.


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I drew some 2d Dust Wisps to replace the wonky white Stuff and i think it looks neat, although a bit flat. I will add some shading at a later point. The small rocks are fine to me right now, but I will paint some textures for the main rocks in the coming days.

The timing is getting better, but still not where it needs to be.


I think I will call it finished. Except for some smaller color tweaks I have todo on the projectiles to make them more clear there is nothing else I will change. All in all I am very happy how this turned out and am excited for the next sketch! Also thanks to the guys on the discord for the feedback. I hope I can show what I learned on the next sketch.

I will also upload a video in better quality in the coming days. The gif software I use is creating some strange artifacts on the sky.



Now as a video in glorious 720p. I am really happy how this effect turned out and am excited for the next sketch!