Poulift: Sketch#7 WIP

My entry for Sketch 7, I thought of it as a type of countdown/attack.


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really cool man! Haha I like the bg audio :laughing:

I really like the shape of the skull head, feels very stylized and matches the bright colorful palet well. One thing that could possibly make this even cooler would be your transitions of that skull in and out. One of my favorite pieces of advice I’ve ever heard (in his GDC talk on Diablo III VFX ) is asking yourself, “how is this physically manifesting itself in the world”? In this example, you could ask, "where is this energy coming from to create this skull? Is it pulling in energy around itself to create that image? What is it made of? Is it a hologram? Things like this can get you thinking of awesome secondary effects to put onto your main elements that will really sell them!

Keep up the awesome work man!

Thanks man I’ll look into it, I didn’t realize there was background audio, Oops.

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