Portal VFX Feedback

Hello good people,

as the title implies I would like to have some feedback on this portal effect I made. It is actually made out of three particle systems. A portal start, an idle and end put together with a blueprint. This effect is for a sidescroller game. I am thinking about more smoke at the end. What do you think?


Portal VFX


I think it’s cool.
I think allowing smoke to linger a bit longer would be good touch.
Personally I would decrease amount of sparks or reduce their saturation so they won’t be stealing show from the black hole but that’s just my taste.
Good job!

Hey thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

I changed the effect a little bit according to some other feedback I got. What do you think. Does this look better?



Looks great. I like it better this way.
Although It always might be just a personal taste :slight_smile:

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