Portal Laser

Hey! :smiley:
I’ve looked through the previous sketches and tried combining those with my personal interests. I’ve tried making a powerful looking spell (supposedly casted by a mage, but I dont have any animations for it…:x) where portal get spawned that shoot lasers onto a target on the ground, which then lead to a bigger portal being generated through the energy of the smaller portals. Again I would love to hear what you think about this, and which parts I could improve to make this look even more interesting!


Looks really sweet, how did you make the little “wisps” from the first circle fly to smoothly onto the bigger circle?

As for how to improve it I think if you make the big beam move even faster, and perhaps add some screen shake to the camera while it’s firing.

Those whisps are basicaly ribbons that have a very short lifetime, where the material is basically a radial mask. Then I just set the size/life to something like 0,1,0 thats it! :slight_smile:
I will try and make it even faster, I always get excited if someone tells me to make it even more “explosive” or fast :smiley: also I wanted to definetely start playing around with screenshake, but I always felt like I’m trying to hide something by doing it. I’ll definetely give it a shot and see how it turns out, thanks alot! ^-^

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Not at all!
The spell looks amazing dude, keep at it!

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Hey hey!
I’ve been playing around with the screen shake for the first time now, thanks to your suggestions! :smiley: it definetely added more power into the scene, not sure how much I overdone it though, tell me what you think! :stuck_out_tongue: I also sped up the big laser, so that should also add even more energy into the scene!

Do you think I should also speed up the energy rings around the laser itself?

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I think that screenshake is just perfect, it really adds an amazing amount of power to it!

Personally I would love to cast this spell upon a horde of enemies ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Thanks alot! :smiley: You’re really boosting my motivation with those lovely words haha! :smiley:

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