Portal FX - Looking for feedback

Hello everyone!
I have this new effect I made in Unity. I think it’s close to turning into a portfolio piece. Although I have this feeling that it has something missing. Not sure what, but I’m pretty sure it could be so much better.
Any kind of feedback is welcome here, What would you add to this effect? Or what would you subtract from it? Or anything you feel could be improved will be really useful to me. Please let me know what you think.
Have a great day ^^


you could have some leaves pass through the portal and stay on the other side when it closes.

the sides of the portal seems to clip a little when the portal was fully open.

the leaves that get close to the portal feel too large.


Visually it’s already looking great! I love the part of the portal that kind of bleeds over outside of the portal. Lovely colors too, and I really like the light shining through as well.

One area you could improve it, is animation and timing. There is an anticipation, but it barely builds up in intensity and feels a bit slow. You could build it up by having fewer and more toned down particles, and gradually increase intensity by emitting more and brighter particles.
Eventually you have the character hitting the ground, which would be a great moment for the portal to open up, but it doesn’t. So that is something that kind of goes against the viewer/player’s expectation. Instead there’s the explosion that doesn’t really make sense (it doesn’t serve a purpose), and the portal gets opened slowly afterwards.

Good luck and great work!

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Oh thanks a lot for the ideas! Especially I really like the idea that some leaves could pass through, I will definitely try that soon!

Thank you very much! It’s great feedback. As you said, I agree there is a problem with the rythm, but couldn’t put my finger on what exactly it is. Your comment makes it clear and I agree the delay on the opening is a bit meaningless. Initially I wanted the character animation to look like she is opening a curtain with magic. But I didn’t lead the eye there properly I think. Or the character animation should be more exaggerated maybe, what do you think? I will try what you said as well and maybe get rid of that delay all together ^^

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