PopcornFX - Fx From Scratch

If you are interested in PopcornFX V2 and you want to learn some stuff, check my videos!
I’m going to makes Fx from scratch.
No necessarly beautiful effect, but i want to show my process and some tricks, common’s use, workflow, and everything that can help everyone on PopcornFX.
Like a livestream, don’t expect to get a polish video, but a pure creation, from scratch, like when you watch over someone’s shoulder :laughing:

The playlist:


I’m going to try to update this thread often as possible with new videos, tell me and don’t hesitate if you have any questions! Show details on youtube for more informations and time stamp for keys elements :slight_smile:


01 (Smoke) Very simple smoke, for begin https://youtu.be/F8Yvp5kNtis
02 (Smoke) Some tricks to convert values to attribute’s parameters useable in a game engine https://youtu.be/KSD6LiZ6iRA
03 (Smoke & Fire) A quick workflow when you work with similar layers https://youtu.be/kvW0bcq5tLI
04 (Smoke & Fire) Some tricks to add details on your fx https://youtu.be/PDFdoUpRE98
05 (Meteorite) Convert an effect to a template and use it in an other effect https://youtu.be/t5v2Ud3CEDE
06 (Meteorite) Some tricks on the workflow in production https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47drrqtLX4A

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Now you can download the package of each video here:


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New video about the shape sampler & particles collisions, and finally a little approach of the parental functions to transfer a data between a layer and his child.


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A new video about collision & the triggered layers