Plexus Fx ( PopcornFX - v2 )

Hi there !
A little Plexus effect Vfx I made during my internship at PopcornFx.
Hope you like it and wait your feedbacks for upgrade it :smiley:


I love the intro animation ! GG
Thanks for sharing this :slight_smile:

For this vfx I used a deer mesh sample, and i project all my particles on it. I add a fresnel effect for better see the shape.
The cones particle’s rotation are made with a noise on the axis.


Here are the Plexus effect, I just put a velocity with the base shape projection.

And all at the same time :


Hey, your effect is really cool, the fade in and fade out look really nice. What software are you using ? And what do you mean with project your particles on the mesh ?

Thank you !
I use PopcornFx v2 for this effect, this soft is really powerfull for play with a lot of particles :smiley:
And by projection I mean all the particles follow the exterior of my shape, they just slide along the mesh.
For the plexus effect I just used the shape as a start position for each particles. :slight_smile:

Wooow, I love the first effect very much, looks so cool with floating triangles :smiley:

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Oh I didn’t know about this software, thanks a lot, I’ll look into it

You sir is awesome! :smile:

hello, your effect is really nice.What software are you using ?
I want to know what software/plugin you used to make these particles.

I believe it is made using Popcorn FX (as mentioned in the thread name) :slight_smile: