Photoshop layers to RGB channels?

Hey Guys,

I’m back messing around with VFX again and I’m trying to make a material with different images applied to the RGB channels in Photoshop.

I’ve set up my layers the way I need them but I need a specific layer to be applied to a specific RGB channel. For instance I have 3 layers and I want layer one to be the only layer appearing in the red channel, and for the blue channel I only want layer 2 and finally I only want layer 3 to appear in the green channel.

However once I have all my layers set up I am unsure on how to copy each layer to a specific channel. As it stands all layers are showing up in the individual RGB channels.

How can i copy a individual layer to a single RGB channel? I’ve looked for tutorials on this but havent been able to find anything helpful.

I hope this makes sense and thanks for your help.

have only your selected layer visible, ctrl+A to select all, ctrl+shift+C to copy merged visible layers, go to your Channels tab next to your Layers tab, make only the channel you want to past in visible, ctrl+V to paste, repeat for all your other channels. If you are having trouble copying the desired layer, try just ctrl+C to copy the single layer you have selected.

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Thanks for your reply. I have done this but all the channels still contain the same layer information. Is there a way to remove an image from a channel?

Just seen the video you posted. Thanks very much. Appreciate it.

You can also do this in the blending options for a layer / group, under “Advanced Blending”:


Thanks for the tip! Didn’t know that and it’s an amazing feature! <3

This. This is a game-changer 0__o

Thanks so much! :heart_eyes:

Oh wow … thanks for the amazing tip.

I wrote small script for Photoshop which can combine selected layers into RGB channels and put them into new layer. You can grab it here:

Hope it will save some time for you!