Personal VFX journal (UE4)

Hi everyone reading this, this is going a blog-type thing where I am showing what i can make with unreal Niagara/ Houdini etc. to show and practice my skillset for game vfx. hope you enjoy it!. First time trying this. :stuck_out_tongue:

going to try and do it as regularly as I can.

Ideas, feedback are always welcome!

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So one of my first lists of effects is electricity. This one is made using Niagara and a simple beam setup!


For the second one I took inspiration from a electric sphere. the sphere is done using a simple fresnel effect.

The each ribbon is just a string of particles that try to follow a a leader particle using self made scratchpad. I then just copied the ribbon emitter and change which Leader they should follow

An electric sphere thing. I just wanted to explore electricity. this time I made a 4x4 flipbook using images made in aftereffect of electricity and play them in the center.


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