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Hi forum! I am starting this thread to motivate myself to consistently learn VFX (at least several things a week). I have some experience in 3D modeling, texturing, and UE5, but aim to dive into Niagara now. I’ll be glad to receive any advice along the journey.

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Day 1: Today, I began with VFX Apprentice’s breakdown of Sunfire Cape. Apart from the trick with the texture, I also learned about Unfold Strip from Loop and UV Freeform Transform in 3ds Max. Quite simple, but have to start somewhere.

Day 2: Made the bottom circle with some noise multiplication, and added Vertex Color to a tube (with the help of the same breakdown video above). fireTube_02

Also tried to follow the Spirit Fire Brand breakdown for sparkles (SubUV Animation).

Day 3: Started the vfxapprentice course. First things (just repeating the guide, nothing fancy).

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Also was following Hand-Painted Textures tutorials, doesn’t quite look as I wanted it to.

Day 4: Super happy I learned about erosion with SmoothStep today (not to forget: min is P1 (dynamic), and max is P1+P2). Was following a tutorial as well, couldn’t finish today.

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Day 5 and 6: Was mostly going though the explanatory videos on nodes in the Material Editor, learned about some nodes I’ve never used (like Max) and some tricks with UV (especially UV centering! I’ll add a screenshot so I never forget it).

Day 7: Was looking into the advanced FX made by other people, and decided to try to do my own small thingy. Made a sketch for it, and started to make a wobbly shape in Niagara. I have no idea how I will make a cat out of it, but let’s see!


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Day 12: Skipped several days (at least had some time to watch tutorials). At this point, I am not quite sure what am I doing anymore, but it’s probably ok! Bounced back to repeating guides and drawing textures, that’s a start for an Aura effect. Hope to finish it today.
UPD: Finished, but it looks somewhat bleak when put on the background. I would say it’s an ok start! I am also attaching the textures I made.

Are you joining the cat challenge? This looks like a good start :smiley:

Very nice, I wish I was as focused as you learning some cool techniques and tricks! Keep it up!

Thank you! Yeah, I was thinking of joining it, but I am afraid it’s too late now, haha. I am now looking at the Riot Games challenge, perhaps cat theme could migrate there as well.

Thank you so much! I really like a Level Up FX you have in your sketchbook, amazing progress.

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Day 13: Positive feedback made my day, yay! Learned about the video layers in Photoshop, plus a cool way of making lightning “zaps”. Posting some sketches on a project I want to start next.

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I had to make a large break in posting, but here is an effect I made recently. Not that fancy, but it felt great experimenting on my own with learned techniques.

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