Pawel Pawliczak : Sketch #52

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    Hello, I picked mesh and animation from mixamo and did very basic sketch in photoshop for reference

I hope i will get things done in time :sweat_smile:


When sketching I think I had World of Warcraft style level up effect in mind as a base with variation of amulet that is gaining more energy as character is leveling up. :sweat_smile:
And thanks to great @simonschreibt talk and tips at GDC I managed to have textures pretty fast using texture maker (EffectTextureMaker) and photoshop so i had more time working on dynamics and other elements


ok here is final final version :grin: (Final entry)

I changed presentation, tweaked some particles, added additional bloom and camera shake.
Also I used cell shade material and postprocess that affect only character that I got some time ago from here