Paweł Pawliczak : Sketch #17 WIP

Final result (changed) :


Hello everyone! ^^
It’s my first post on RTVFX I’m reading it everyday and thank you guys for sharing the awesome knowledge!
I’ve been working on that challenge for some time, but I made it so unoptimized and messy in Houdini that it starts to crash when trying to launch :C so! I made new smaller try and here is my WIP :slight_smile: I used the flowmap tutorial that Simon mentioned in his post(thanks!)
Will need to work more on the flowmap itself so it will follow the stream more.


congratz to your first post :slight_smile: the river looks nice! i guess for the little better presentation i would de-saturate the strong green/yellow of the terrain a bit.
and i feel you in regard to the crashes. my river is also not very optimized and i got many crashes in unreal when i re-cooked the whole beast :smiley:

Looking good! The colours and strong normal give it an icy, magical quality which is really cool if that was the intent. If you wanted to tend it towards a more realistic style you could try softening the normal a little?

Thank you for feedback! I dropped from the normals dramatically and that was good point :smiley: also changed the landscape colors so they wont hurt eyes as much now. Speaking of hurting eyes, I wanted to get the “dreamy” look, so I boosted some bloom “a little bit”, to have that little shiny sparkles floating around ^^
Here is the final look :

congratz for finishing! nice work!

As I realized I have more time, i changed the concept a little bit and made it more towards realistic than stylized, so here is the the latest River_Final_Final :stuck_out_tongue: