Paul Miller: Sketch #13 WIP


On the left you’ve got a dropdown called Variables. If you click the + button you can add a variable of a specific type (ie. float). Click the eye icon to make it pubic. Then you can drag that variable onto your graph to get its value.

I think Zak Parrish has some good intro to blueprint videos that you should watch.

Otherwise, looking good! I like how you’ve executed a plan.


Thank you @cannabis.cod3r , I’d just like it if my plan came together at some point XD.

Also thank you for that explanation… I’ll have to try that when I get home. I also thought of a few solutions as w well I was driving in to work.

As for Zak Parrish’s videos, Are these what you were talking about

I foudn two blue prints introductions, one with a guy named Wes Bun, and the other one, with someone who doesnt say their name (I’m assuming that person is Zak.)

I dont think i’m going to be able to learn to do what I want to do with blue prints for this month’s sketch. I’ve already learned a bit, but its slowing down, and I dont think i’m getting a lot of work o nth effect itself done. So I think i’m going to switch gears, and make the particle system look as good as I can, Then after that, work on the technical part.


I wasnt able to work on it to the fullest extent last night, but I did get an opportunity address SOME concerns/criticisms.
things I addressed
-Rotating the rainbow texture(For this I used Luos rotation material function. I"m going to dive in to see how he made it, because I found that incredibly useful).

  • Masking off the tail end of the rainbow, and distorting it, to get some motion out of the tail

  • I also panned the rainbow texture itself, at an angle. This wasnt done on purpose, but I personally like theresult. It makes the rainbow look like a tube almost. If this doesnt read well, then I"m going to nix it.

Things i wasnt able to address.
-Breaking down the effect further
-I didnt gather more reference yet.

  • The end of the effect (the burst) is no good. The main comment is that, it breaks the whole feel of the effect, and doesnt feel like a rainbow gun.
    -THere is no muzzle flash, that sends the projectile out flying yet.


So i took a second to break down my effect further and explore some ideas based on some suggestions/criticism i received. My main goal is to really stick with the rainbow theme, and the way my effect is now its not really working. Anyhow, these are my favorite effects that I came up with.


I experimented with the bottom concept a bit more, and got this result

There still isn’t an initial muzzle flash. I will work on that part tonight, while tweaking the impact.
I think there should be a much bigger explosion at the end, and a flash.
In addition, not enough parts of this effect are glowing. There should also be some gravity so this “rainbow wave” falls to the ground as it dissipates.
I also think an erosion would be nice.


Looks like you already have a solution for your spawn effect at splines end! I’ll keep my badly organized blueprint in the dark for a while longer. :smile:


haha ! it’s all good. I didn’t use a spline blueprint, I ended up doing it in cascade. figure I can learn just as well that way


I actually went on vacation this week but this is what I was experimenting with before I left. I forgot to post it.