Pataya: Sketch #50

final result

sketch50 preview

been a while without joining a sketch, let’s see if i still remember how to make these

going for… a heal AOE I guess? some kind of nature/grass thematic. ideally going for an appear/disappear as well, could see the foliage aging and turning to brown as it gets near the end of its lifetime




Really neat! I would maybe say a soft edge could be interesting, but the clear edge is real good for gameplay effects.

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thanks for the feedback @GuySCool! played a bit with the settings and i’m able to get a more organic edge while still maintaining a somewhat readable radius.

pretty much done with this one, it was nice to change a bit from the usual explosions and impacts and do something a bit different!


Super well done, I like it a lot! The effects you add really sell it, the screen distortion adds a very nice weight to it.

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Great work! Love the little flowers that spawn as well as the butterflies

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