Pataya: Sketch #45

Final Version


hey there, hopping in for this one. didn’t have a specific idea so I kinda jammed with shaders and ended up with a tesseract-thingy i guess? I’ll see where this goes


Look great. Tune down background brightness for contrast will be great :smiley:.

Btw, where did you got that background? Look great for universe theme effect :nerd_face:

Hey, it’s from this artist
He kindly let me use some of his work for my school graduation project, I put it here as a quick placeholder

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Thank you very much. Always a sucker for universe theme like this :relaxed:.

Btw, good luck at the competition :smiley:.

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alright i got a climax I guess
I’ll wrap this up tomorrow or something


going to call this one done I think, could definitely use a bit more polish here and there but I’ll move on to some other stuff.

also forgot to mention that the lens flare/glow sprites are made with billboarded cube meshes with a simple alpha texture on it, no cheat I swear!

good luck to the other participants!


That’s cool. How does that work? Is it vertex animation?