Pataya: Sketch #27 Ice

Heya all :slight_smile:

Update 03

Ok done with this one, fixed a couple of things that bothered me a bit.
Still not entirely satisfied with this one, but heh good enough I guess ^^

There are some awesome entries for this Sketch, good luck to all participants !

Update 02

waking up at the end of the month as usual
still needs a bit of tweak here and there, dunno if I’ll have time but the most important things are here I guess :smile:

Update 01


Added vertex normal displacement to give volume, some tiny sparkles, a bit of texture distortion to fake refraction, and a very subtle shake with a sin function !

I’ve never tackled Ice VFX yet, so I’ll go with that to try new stuff. I knew I wanted to create a frozen character shader so I immediately started with that haha


I guess I’ll go with a freeze AOE similar to Mei in Overwatch, or something like that.


Kind of disappointed that the Ice spikes appear after the whole effect, and don’t follow the movment of your beam by being orient to the ground ! It would have been way more integrated to the whole effect, but good job otherwise !


I couldn’t agree more with you on this, they look absolutely terrible right now, both timing and orientation-wise, but yeah time’s up for the Sketch I guess :confused:
I’m probably going to do another pass for my portfolio, and include your idea as it will probably look waaay better !
Thanks for the feedback :smile: