Pataya : Sketch #24

Final Version

Alright, I refined the final dissipation with a bit of smoke with trails, pretty tough to get something smooth without texture but low opacity with subtle noise sort of does the trick.

I think I’ll leave it this way, so good luck to all participants, lots of cool entries !

Update 02

Reworked the camera a bit, added a bit more feedbacks as well as an anime star mesh, coz that’s what VFX is all about right?

Update 01

Rough Climax and Camera. Still needs a small dissipation. And a solution to record fluid videos D:

Hey there,

I’m diving in this month’s sketch with 3 days left. Let’s see how this goes.

Going for a sort of Dr.Strange portal-thingy, mostly using trails to get different shapes and motions.
Still needs a good shockwavy climax effect and a bit of camera work !
The recorder struggled a bit for the end, sorry for the framerate issues :confused:


Great job! Looks super flashy and it keeps the interest till the last frame!

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