Part-time tutor

Looking for a part-time tutor via Zoom. I have been watching the wealth of videos on Youtube and working through a couple tutorials over the past couple of months, but it would be great to speed up the process of learning with some one-on-one help. Friends of mine recently got funding for an AR project, and knowing my interest in VFX they have asked me to help them with that for their game, but they are on a strict six-month development schedule and I still largely feel like I don’t know what I’m doing. It would be amazing to successfully pull off some effects for them though to have on my portfolio, and hopefully be that much closer to the skill level needed to get an internship.


I need someone who knows the workings of Unreal as that is what we’ll be developing in. Experience developing for AR too would be super awesome.

I have solely focused on learning how to use Niagara, so I want someone who knows how to make great effects with it, but I am open to learning Cascade if that would be a good idea still, along of course with other relevant software.

As far as schedule, what I am thinking is I would spend the week working on an effect, then on Saturdays we meet and go over any questions that came up and either help me finish the effect if I am stuck, or if I feel like it is “finished,” then get critiques and learn how I could make it look better. It would be ideal though to have someone with flexibility to help during evenings throughout the week with some notice if I feel I need it.

I see this probably being no more than a 5 hour per week commitment, tapering off as I need less hand-holding.

Compensation will be $25/hr. paid via Venmo.

I am on Pacific Standard Time, so please be roughly awake and available during the times it is normal to be awake and available on Pacific Standard Time.

If you are interested, please email me at and tell me a little bit about your background.

Thank you for looking at my ad!

Just a heads up: You probably won’t find someone with professional experience for that rate (at least, not in the US). So… be careful, I guess?

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