Paradox Interactive hiring VFX Artist in Stockholm, Sweden

We here at Paradox in Stockholm is looking for a mid/senior vfx artist for Stellaris. So if you feel like doing some cool space weapons (I got to blow up stars in the latest DLC) or doing big space environmental effects such as nebulas then please do apply!

And just to tell a bit about Paradox, I’m really happy hear and I’ve been working here for 2½ years now as a vfx artist. You’ll have quite a bit of freedom and I’ve always felt like if I come up with a cool idea it’s possibly for me to push for it.
So far I’ve never crunched at all and haven’t worked overtime since I started, you also get 30 days of vacation every year.

I can’t say what the situation will be with wfh after covid since there’s still discussion about it, most likely something they’ll decides sometime later this year. We’re still currently wfh for a few months more so not a rush for them to decide on yet.

If you have any questions feel free to ask either here or just message me :slight_smile: