[PAID] VFX artist for stylized 3D Unreal Engine game


Shark Jump is looking to contract a remote VFX artist to create effects for our 3D action adventure game.

You would be responsible for creating a suite of high-quality slashes, impacts, power-ups, projectiles, and some environmental effects; suitable for implementing combat and platforming mechanics. These effects would match our anime-inspired style (think Breath of the Wild or Genshin Impact), and would be implemented in Unreal Engine using Niagara. We estimate there will be about 80 different effects, with varying levels of complexity; and many should be composed of the same pieces to keep a consistent style.

Our ideal candidate has experience working in 3D games, and has existing work in a simmilar style.

If you are interested, or want more details for a quote, please get in touch at “contact@sharkjumpstudios.com”.

Matt Le Krupa,
Shark Jump