[PAID/CONTRACT] Looking for a VFX Artist (Unreal)

Motion Logic Studios is looking to hire a remote VFX artist!

We are an experienced team of developers working on both client and in-house projects. We are looking for a passionate VFX artist who does not necessarily need years of experience, however a demonstrated ability to create impressive FX is desired.


  • Create FX from scratch, as well as modify existing FX to create new variations.
  • Optimization of VFX assets so they adhere to technical requirements of both VR and Console
  • Utilize particle systems, shaders, blueprints, and mesh effects
  • Work with leadership and peers to support the studio’s vision by providing and seeking out feedback, and actively participating in regular team meetings and reviews


  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Ability to iterate and implement quickly without sacrificing quality
  • Knowledge of the Unreal game production pipeline
  • Ability to adapt and cope with change along with the demands of the project’s production

This is a remote, independent contractor position.

If interested please email your resume and demo reel to: