packUp Photoshop Channel Packing Tool

Hey Everyone!

I’ve just released packUp, a free channel swizzling toolset for Photoshop CC.

It takes images on separate photoshop layers and combines them into one layer, packed into the colour channels. Makes creating channel packed VFX textures a lot easier!

It can automatically save as a copy when it does this, with different scripts for different directory types, to echo typical unity or unreal setups.

There’s a little bit of initial setup involved but its just setting some filepaths and is explained in the README file. There are some gotchas for using the tool that are also explained here.

Its new, so could be a bit buggy but I’m on hand to fix those, so give me a shout if you use it and have any issues!



I had become used to do it normally but this will be a time saver :smiley:

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