Oskar Larsson: TGT Competition WIP

Yo! I’m late to the party but atleast there are a couple days left! Here is what I have so far:

It is quite crude, a lot of things still to be made: a projectile to hit the sphere, more chargeup particles,
a few shockwaves, some work on the impacts. Fixing so that the cube doesn’t wobble. Also, textures!

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Worked on some anticipation effects this evening.
Unity physics decided to stop working so the cube doesnt have the movement it is supposed to.
Tomorrow I will animate the cube and work on the Impacts! :smiley:


Oskar back at it! Timing is working really well. That green hair lightning with the box transform is so damn cool.

Todays update. It’s getting close to finished! Tomorrow I’l try to get a high quality video out.

Thanks for watching! :slight_smile:


Yeah couldn’t miss out on this challenge! :smiley: thanks!

I uploaded my effect with higher quality. I’m out of time so i’m calling it done! :slight_smile:


How did you do the lightning? Looks so cool!

Thanks! :smiley: I used the trail node in Unity and hid the particles controlling them, also noise to make it lightningy!
I used this texture:


That Impact looks soo satisfying…

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hi! i am a student from china. i playe battlerite ,the vfx is very nice. canyou teach me the fire ball with ashka hand?