Orson Favrel - VFX Sketchbook


My name is Orson Favrel, I’m currently a Senior VFX Tech Artist at Unity. My daily task is to help improve VFX Graph and overall the VFX tools and workflow in Unity.
Previously I was an VFX Artist and Ready & Dawn and a Lead VFX Artist at Dontnod Studio.

I’ll be using this Topic to share some of my experiments, use of new VFX Graph feature etc…
Feel free to comment, ask questions or criticize.

I’ll start this Sketchbook with a short breakdown of a VFX that has been done to Showcase the 6-Way lighting feature that was added to VFXGraph in Unity 2022.2

I’ll be posting a more detailed breakdown in the coming days.
Hope that you’ll like and/or find it useful.


That’s really informative :smiley: thank you! (btw keep the good work witn VFX Graph, love it a lot!)

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Amazing work! I’ve linked to the project here just to gather everything in one place: 6-way lightmap WIP - #28 by simonschreibt

Good Idea Simon, thanks for this.

Absolutely awesome breakdown, really appreciate the turntable that’s super rare to see in VFX. how was that setup?

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oh wow :open_mouth:

great job @Orson

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Nice work !
I love it


Thank you for showing such a great work and its breakdown ! It’s definitely informative and useful. Can’t wait to see more ! :smiley:

Sorry for the late answer.
All the different elements: VFXGraphs, Mesh swap, lights etc… are triggered and synchronized thanks to Timeline in Unity.
If you’re not familiar with Unity, Timeline is their sequencing tool that allow you to animate, synch, triggers events etc. The cool thing is that it has scrubbing feature.
So I just “pause” the explosion in Timeline and control the camera to revolve around the explosion.

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Hey Orson, thanks for the explanation.

Makes total sense for sure, I’ll be definitely be using sequence for brakedowns in the future.

If only it’d be possible to have a similar turntable option on web, would be great for portfolio sites :slight_smile:

I’ve just uploaded the “Extended Breakdown” here:

You can find all the 6-way lighting flipbook that I have created for this effect here
They’re all free to use in your projects.

For those that don’t like long video, I’ve made a thread here


I’ve been playing around with this 6-way lighting Shader to make some Environment VFX. I wanted to see if the Light response would match up with Volumetric Clouds in Unity, and while it isn’t perfect, it’s pretty close. Volumetric Clouds often have to be set to low quality for performance reasons, so it’s nice that you can mix them with 6-way lit Particles that are packed with intricate details.


Thanks for sharing the texture file. Can you tell us how you created TX_Pyro_RollingBall, TX_Pyro_SmokeLoop?
It is difficult to create Loop Simulation in Houdini.