Orik: Sketch #7 WIP

Heya all :slight_smile:

Here is my entry for the Sketch 7 : Death Mark, It’s a “standart” interpretation of the theme. Feel free to give me your opinion or advices. Thanks and good luck ! :smiley:



Heya :slight_smile:

A quick update on my fx, still trying to work on the dynamic and timing.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Hello !

Here is my update for this day : I added a disolve effect on the skull head+ changed the texture of his eye. I’ve also reworked the dynamism and the animation + add some sparkles around.

Let me know what you think about :slight_smile:



Looking really cool! Love the thematic of this and that face drain! I don’t know where in the process you are but just in case :wink: there’s a few things that come to mind for me: timing variation, color variation and shape variation with sparks (maybe try some very subtle soft nova/smoke type energy to accent some of the sparks). With the timing you do have pieces that give it a bit of variety like the pop in, the face drain and the fire, but the supporting elements like sparks don’t reflect that energy as well as it could. Colors are all the same orange additive, perhaps some hue and value shifts to break it up where appropriate (subtle shifts go a long way imo). Looking forward to seeing more of this! It’s so close!!


Hey thanks for those advices, I’m still in WIP trying different things but you’re truly right about the colors, I definitely need to add some color variations It’s my next focus on this effect. Thanks again for your feedback !