Orik : Sketch #14 WIP

Hello guys,

I’ve been quite busy and I wanted to join this contest. Here is my WIP so far, feel free to comment ! Thanks

Last update :
:slight_smile: Here is the first sketch, looking for a feel, a motion

I decided to go on this one

And here is the early WIP animated inside Popcorn


Hello !

I decided to go deeper in the lightning part, It was to confused and did not fit to the original concept, here is my result


thats pretty gorgeous. IS the electricity a mesh?

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No, all is Billboard and ribbons here


OH wowza! v cool my main man

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Hell yeah, the lightning feels a lot better now. I thought it was a stylistic choice at first, which I also liked a lot :stuck_out_tongue: . Epic work man!

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Inspiring work. Love it!
If this is a ribbon, does your shader have the scolling UV? Is the texture set to clamp?

I’m new at this, I’m trying to lean :slightly_smiling_face:

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You have some lovely colours here.

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Thanks! Glad you like it!
Yes, this is inside PopcornFX, there is some scrolling UVs, with the texture in repeat mode and a remap to dissipate :smiley:

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I feel like some of the electric sparks are too snappy. You might consider giving them a longer life where they blend to their complimentary color and dim for a bit longer. It could give you that retinal after image feel.

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@Orik this is amazing! could you explain the process of how the lightning is made? is it using a panning texture or is it manually animated using a flipbook?

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Looks like a UV distortion and scrolling ribbons to me.

Hello @Iby , the process of the lightning is pretty simple and similar to the rest of the fx, It’s actually alslo using a panning texture. No flipbook at all here

Here is the texture
I just set some IDs inside the texture in order to create variations like so :

Hope it helps ! :grinning:


Oh that’s sound a great idea, I need to try this out, thanks ! :smiley:

Hi Orik!
I am really really love this effect! I wonder how you can make it.
Can you share detail tutorial that you made this effect??? :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:

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@Orik this is amazing! The texture really explains a lot. I was also going to ask how the nice tiny sparks were made but it was part of the Texture. Its an amazing trick. Thanks so much for sharing this.

Hey here is a small breakdown of the effect :slight_smile:
I made the animation slower to have a better overview and also increaded the particle count.

1rst step adding the little lightnings sparks:

2nd step adding the panning lightning :

3rd step adding the main slash + a light :

Result with post processing :


love it… nice effects and colors

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Do you know how to implement this effect in unity? I spend the whole day and I have no idea how to make in ? ^(

Sorry, I’m newbie in FX