OmenSmoke - Fan Art

So, lately, I’ve been diving into Unreal Engine as a Unity user.

It’s like going from a 24-color box to a whopping 120-color set – so much more to play with!

Unreal is a powerhouse, especially in graphics. The material editor and Niagara system are like a playground for creativity.

But, with great power, comes great res… well, you get it.

Unreal indeed comes with loads of handy tools and options, but it does ask for a bit more time, especially when it comes to shader compilation – a real waiting game :).

For my first Unreal project, I wanted to focus on materials and shaders. Gotta get comfy with that material editor before diving into Niagara.

I chose to mess around with Omen Smoke – my go-to favorite.

One important thing to mention is that this project required the implementation of polar coordination which is common but most of the methods that I found have some kind of artifact except the artist
@geodraws method, you can see it through Geo channel.

The project + breakdown on ArtStation

gif preview2