Official VFX Sketch #55 : Fan Art

Banner art : Nadir Khabibullin

Fan Art

Make an effect based on an effect you like from a published game

November 1st → November 30th 11:59 PST

Submitting: Create a new topic in the " Events > 55: Fan Art " category with your name and sketch number in the title (Like this: “Karen Teen: Sketch #55” ), and post your updates to your topic during the month!

When you are finished, Edit your first post so it holds the final effect in the form of Youtube/Vimeo Video or High-Quality GIFs.

Please make sure to read this post with detailed rules if you are new to the sketches :

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:arrow_down: If you have any questions, tips or tricks, reply down below! :arrow_down:

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Good luck, have fun!


I am not sure how to interpret this - should it be an effect that looks like its part of the same game?

That’s open for you to decide, but definitely not required.

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I like the slightly vague prompts, as they open up interpretation and people get way more creative because of that.

I interpret the current prompt as following:

  1. Reconstruct an effect from a published game (meaning: dissecting it and recreating it in the program of choice)
  2. Remake an effect from a published game (meaning: you have the effect as reference and take your own spin on it, maybe even a style transfer)
  3. Extent the effects from a published game (meaning: you take the effect as reference and extent them with another fitting one. eg “I think a cool dash VFX on that character is missing in that style.”)

But as I said: maybe you have even another interpretation! Whatever gets you inspired and excited :slight_smile: