Official VFX Sketch #31: Winter Mimics

Winter Mimics

Find (REAL!) video footage, or record video footage of a winter-themed effect or occurrence. Recreate that effect, or mimic that effect.

Scoring and Winning:
We will have some of our very own vfx wizards to judge your work.
These judges will select a favorite and runner up.
Judging criteria includes:

  • You showed WIP throughout the month
  • Your work is technically and artistically well-executed.
  • Followed challenge rules.

Submitting: Create a new topic in the Events > 31 - Winter Mimics" category with your name and sketch number in the title (Like this: “Bilbo Baggins: Sketch #31” ), and post your updates to your topic during the month!

When you are finished, Edit your first post so it holds the final effect in the form of Youtube/Vimeo Video or High-Quality GIFs.


  • Always cite your sources! Is your work based on someone else’s? Let us know! Always show your references.
  • All entries must be made during the running period shown below.
  • Do feel free to use any tool, system or workflow that pre-existed. Although we encourage experimentation.
  • Using a simple environment for presentation is allowed, but should remain simple and serve only as background.

January 6th -> January 31st 11:59 PST

Favorite : Will recieve a golden badge and avatar icon.
Runner up : Will recieve a silver badge and avatar icon.
All Participants : Will recieve a participations badge.


If you have any questions, ask them down below!

Good luck, have fun!


Gonna be recreating those Frozen Methane Bubbles! :fire::cold_face:


Winter Mimics? I don’t know what it means. Google translate doesn’t translate this. Can you explain or show the pictures?

It means to just find any real life “wintery” effect that you have video of and recreate it. For example, falling snow footage. I post my footage I found or recorded myself and recreate falling snow that looks like the snow in the footage or feels the same.

Thank you, now all is clear :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have some snow reference videos in my ref collection pack that might be helpful for people:


Hey Tharle, thanks for the upload. Looks like you had wonderful snowtimes!
I might feel tempted to mimic one of your shaking trees, didn’t find as pleasant ones on YT, is it okay to reference it (upload a snippet) in my vfx thread?

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yeah of course man! i didnt post them up for them not to be used :slight_smile:

looking forward to seeing what you make!

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Yeah man, those are some great refs, thx ! Will probably give it a try :slight_smile:

These impacts are 1000% real and winter and beautiful, maybe someone would mimic that:



breaking through the ice with the own nose? - that’s brutal, amazing creature! And great ref, especially those icewater airwaves emmanating from the shaking head… so much stuff going, yeah would be nice to have this mimicked. Are you giving it a go @amazingJukes?

I really wish I had more time to spend on this kind of thing, I enjoy having my own creative freedom I also miss it :’(

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