Obsession - Alcubierre drives

I wanted to try to describe a frame shift transportation across a galaxy to a distant star by incorporating , as much as I could, relativistic distortions without post processes

this is where I am at
im not sure where else I can take it however, there’s very little 3D in the piece image


i’ve used meshs in the past to do a starfield rather than all particles ; a rudimentary 3 joint rig to handle pulling and pushing them front & back for parity between stars & streaks with the final starfield.

so for now I consider this a quick sketch and some R&D thoughts on lensing + a flow map!

lensing test + flow

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  • stars streaks resolve into a starfield with onDeath spawn
  • star spawn timing
  • lensing distort is more pronounced
  • longer time to watch flow

added Elite sound :smiley: HD version rather than gifs >.<