Object emerging from water in Houdini

Hey everyone, I am trying to do some fluid simulations in Houdini, but I can’t figure out something I thought relatively simple. I am trying to have an object rise from water and stand still (after which I want to work with suction forces), but I can’t figure out how to get the object out of the water and just stop. I can only see where to add velocity, but not create an actual animation for an object to move around in the water or stop above it without gravity. Anyone have any experience with that sort of things?

Current progress:

Thanks a lot!

Heya, you could move the object along a spline, might make it easier

I am currently using an RBD object to have collisions with the water, will adding it to a spline work with such an object?

Use a Deforming object instead of a Rigid Body. That way you can keyframe animate it to do whatever and the fluid will just collide with it.


Thanks @Partikel - that did the trick!