Noree's VFX Portfolio

Hi there! I’m developing my portfolio while I look for work, and would love some feedback and ideas from this community, and any other general comments you may have.

edit: I hope I’m linking a video properly this time haha. This is the latest kitbashed projectile attack and heal spell for my portfolio.
Basically, the (imaginary/invisible) player is being healed, and then they are hit by a projectile attack. Gonna learn how to make simple, aesthetically-pleasing demo scenes (e.g. with text/numbers/icons, like +200 health), to spare people from needing to read convoluted explanations like the following:
You can use this heal spell on yourself or a friend. The heart shows up on the player being healed pretty conspicuously to let everyone know. This spell heals at a higher rate than a normal heal, but makes the player take more damage if they get hit while being healed. This is because the heart that appears on the player is actually their own heart exposed…or something along those crazy lines. After the fire/electric projectile hits the player, each pump of the blackened heart drains a bit of life in addition to the amplified hit damage.
So you would wanna use this heal strategically, or if you’re about to die and desperate.

Here’s a study I made of Gabriel Aguiar Prod’s toon projectiles pack for unreal. Would love any feedback and suggestions.

The original one is below:

Explosion work in progress. I definitely need to make the climax faster/more energetic.