Ninjin: Sketch #20 WIP


Update 26.02:
Alright, I replaced the Supershape formula with simple sine math and manipulated UVs instead of using polar coordinate math :smile:
First, some gifs that show different parameters :slightly_smiling_face:

2nd, some ingame footage with same mesh, but different parameters



  • I agree, the effect doesn’t fit with the ingame lighting with that amount of saturation. I think I should experiment with some Paper Mario environment etc. in the future :sweat_smile:

Initial Post 25.02:

Don’t have much time for this challenge, but saw some hearts on the supershape video that I posted, so I threw something together today. Started with making mandala type shapes, added fire color and made it wiggle.

On a mesh:

And a rotating version:

Dirty hack (or my first idea where to use this) on a Spline that I use for other effects in my own game:

*I slowed down the gifs, so I don’t lose too much quality.
** I will def. change the mesh into an actual fireball tomorrow, but I don’t think I got the time right now for adjusting and adding more effects.
*** Yes, this setup can probably be implemented cheaper with some sine math magic instead of using the supershape formula :slightly_smiling_face:
**** No, I’m not trying to hypnotize everyone with that first gif :smile:


nice flame! like the style :slight_smile:

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i like how you took the magical flame in the different direction than everyone else :slight_smile: its very hypnotic!

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I made some updates, which can be read above (Update 26.02:) :slightly_smiling_face:

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