Ninjin: Sketch #12 WIP

The effect is aiming for a bigger target, maybe a Dark Souls boss could use this. For a cute mobile title or League, it’s too saturated right now, so the viewers eyes are all over.

I started with this little gif from cgwell, but decided I want to look through the body to make it more ‘flamy’? I also picked up the built up by this video. The explosions, tornado body and the ground decal are basically try and error, really had no goal, just played around and hope the vfx god is on my side :relaxed:. Thanks @Partikel for mentioning the Decal Life Material Node in Unreal, even though I sticked with Timelines, because the decal actually moves textures + dissolves, so somehow I ended up with more control, but this information will be useful in the future anyway :slightly_smiling_face:. About the ground in general, thanks @Tayko for mentioning your idea on @veer Sketch, right when you said it, I added it to my Sketch ;P.

Welp, hopefully that was short, if you want to see more angles/ slomotion, just ask for it! <3


Sorry guys if this got updated and is shown under recent. I just deleted the ugly looking gif, because I’m referencing this in my portfolio. Please, don’t mind this! <3