Niagara Scalability: Spawn Count Scale by Distance (Question about the Graph)

Hi I’m playing around with Niagara’s Emitter Scalability. I want to reduce the spawn count when the effect is too far from the camera. Looking at the Spawn Count Scale By Distance setting in the Emitter State settings. The graph is Distance by Spawn Rate Scale right? Y being Spawn Rate Scale and X being Distance. So in the graph do I have to move the Keyframe at (1,0) to be 1000,0 if I want Max distance to be 1000, or is 1 always the value of Max Distance as set in the settings right above?

Apologies if I’m not making sense in English, I’m basically asking if the Distance Value in the graph, if 1 is equal to MaxDistance from above or if it’s actually 1 unit (1cm).

Thank you

Looks like the curve is the Spawn Count by normalized distance. So, on the graph, X == 0 is a distance of “MinDistance”; X == 1 is a distance of “MaxDistance”. Values in between are interpolated.

The Y axis is the Spawn Count Scale for that distance. Spawn Count Scale then multiplies that value.

The graph is the number of particles you want spawned – not the distance.

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Thank you this makes perfect sense!

Why our scalability is different, where did you open the interface :thinking:

Ohhh how lovely!! I’ll help someone for the first time! Happy to answer your question :smiley:

It’s located under Emitter Update> Emitter State. Set the Scalability Mode to Self instead of System and Enable Distance Culling or Visibility Culling! You can also use the System’s settings which will affect all emitters inside the system as long as they are set to System (instead of Self). Click on System Properties located under System Settings and then enable Override Scalability Settings!

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Such a detailed answer! Thank you so much!!! :grinning: :grinning:

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