Niagara: Rotate particle around an axis while moving

Hey all,

I have been racking my brains about how to make this work in a niagara effect. Feels like it should be simple.

I want to have a particle orbit around a given axis and at the same time be moving forward, so in the end its moving forward but spiraling around the given axis.

I got something that looked right using rotate around point but its not giving me reliable results, if I increase the spin speed its going crazy. Anyone got any advice on this problem? or a better way of doing it :stuck_out_tongue:

Also it seems to be stable in the preview window but not in my scene…

Cheers again all for any input!

Maybe this helps. I use a scratch pad module in Niagara to create a custom rotator based on the axis I need. Leader emitter must be in Local space. Here is the setup.

Rewire the split position vector node to the 2D rotator based on your project.


Single emitter setup tutorial.


Amazing, you are a legend. Works a treat, soo much nicer than my “solution” haha.