New VFX Marketplace Category is here!

After a healthy community discussion (New Category for Marketplace Content?), we’ve decided to open up a new category specifically for sharing usable content and resources:

Please help us keep this in check - everyone is aware that this category is a needed, but short term solution. As it continues to grow, we’ll find a more appropriate way to highlight and facilitate self promotion of content for sale.

Also, let me know if there are worthwhile modifications that I should make to the “rules” as listed in the category description.


Hello Keith… For some reason I’m not able to post in the VFX Marketplace category, the Post Topic button is greyed out. I am able to post elsewhere however. Any idea why this might be?


Hi @henlo,

Apologies for the slow response to this - For community safety, our #vfxmarketplace currently only allows new topics to be created by users with Trust Level 2: Novice or higher.

Unfortunately, it looks like the description to the marketplace doesn’t currently make that clear, so I’m adjusting that now. Thank you for calling this to our attention.


Ah ok that makes sense, thanks for clarifying.