New to vfx and In need of help

Hey guys,
This week I started to learn about unity VFX for my college but I’m having a hard time with shaders, I’ve seen some people use Shader Forge but I don’t have the money to pay for it. Do I need to make my own shaders to get a good VFX? If yes, is there a free option for shader forge?

Btw, one more thing, how can I make the rune appearing clockwise effect on this video?

I saw a video talking about alpha cutoff but the unity default shaders don’t have this option anymore, is there a new way to make this? if no, how do I make this effect using an alpha cutoff

Sorry for my bad english, and Thank you for your help ^^

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Hi Herst, welcome to the vfx world. No, u do not need to use a lot of shaders in order to achieve great effects, but i highly recommend learning once u’re experienced with the vfx world. Wich versión of unity are u currently using? u can try the default standar shader but vertex based: i think this is the link

Try checking out my youtube list and pinterest boards, there is plenty of material there:

And u can also check the amazing vfxs that kevin @Sirhaian released for study purpouse :3

Sorry for my bad english, i don’t speak too much english either


Thanks for your help stick, I’ll definitely check out your videos!
I’m using Unity 5.5.3f atm so I don’t think I have access to those shaders, is there another way to do that? =/

Try using these, it’s not official but it gets the job done :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for all the help, I got a bit busy this day doing so work related stuff.
I ended up using one of the unity defaults shaders (Unlit/AddDissolve_NoAlpha) and I managed to get the effect that I wanted! ^^

Now I’ve been trying to make a beam effect, but I’m having some problems with how it looks, I don’t know if I’m just doing the effect wrong or if my texture sucks, the beam ends up looking very flat and weird. I would like to make something like this or this (the beam part)

I’m currently using a quad mesh for the beam. Btw is there a place for me to learn how to make textures specifically for VFXs?

Thanks again for all the help.

Hey Herst! What specifically makes your work feel flat? If you have time post a video or image and I’d love to take a look!

Something that i learned, in the past few month that i’ve been working on this area, it’s that a great vfx usually is done by a lot of parts that make it work, and not only one good sprite. I usually use similar sprites over and over, since i’m not expert on drawing and i don’t have the time to learn it fast enough, and the resulting effects doesn’t even look close each other :joy:

Try checking out on my pinterest and youtube playlist, i think i have some tutorials of how to create spritesheets.
Take a look to the Jason Keyser’s youtube channel, he have some great stuff there:

And for the beam effect try using a simple beam sprite and add some sparkles, stars and a little of smoke to give it more detail and motion (in different particle systems) ^^

Probably the reason it’s flat is because of my shitty texture.
I uploaded everything to this link:

Btw, I’m currently using your youtube playlist and pinterest to learn stuff, I’ll definitely check out Jason’s youtube too xD
I’ll try to make just a simple beam and then add the smoke effect around it, but I dunno if it will solve my thickness problem xD

If i have the time i’ll try to make a beam using your texture and see how it ends xD.
Once i finish it, i’ll send it to you.

If u want add me on skype, it’s maurosticklp, i don’t know too much but maybe i might be helpful.

Also a simple trick that you can do is make that particle always face the camera, while maintaining its horizontal axis fixed. I don’t know how to do this in unity but I’m sure somebody around here has a good idea! :smiley:

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Well this is what i could do in a few minutes on my lunch time :grin: i hope it can help you, it’s done with your texture, the default particle and a simple star from internet.

It could be waaaaaay better with a little bit more of time so pm me if u want the prefab, i can give you some ideas to upgrade it but i don’t have the time to do it.

Hey thanks for the help, I would love to take a look at how you made that.
I was checking some tutorials about trails for another particle that I’m doing and decided to try to use trails for the beam. I liked the way it ended up looking but I’m having some problems with the trails effect.

The first particle that I’m making is supposed to look kind like this one:
But I can’t get the trails to start at the center of the orb nor maintain its length for its duration.

I’m having the same problem with the beam where it won’t start at the center of the orb properly and the trail effect for the beam is moving forward leaving the initial orb.

Hi, i’m new here two. You can think in Amplify Shader Editor instead of Shaderforge, is great and cheaper, but stills growing ^^.
Good luck <3