New to Real-Time Visual Effects

I’m relatively new to Real-Time Visual Effects and have found that I have zero ideas on how to even begin learning and developing my own effects until I can create them without a tutorial. Does anyone know of any resources or programs I could utilize to help me hone my own knowledge and skills in UE4 as if I was being taught by a lecturer?

Many Thanks in advance!

The best way to learn is probably to do a few of the free or paid for tutorials until you’re starting to be comfortable with the interface and techniques that we use in VFX and then start to challenge yourself with making something yourself from scratch. The monthly challenges here are a great time to do that. If you post any problems you can here or in the discord people will be happy to help with advice.

In terms of tutorials, there’s some on my website: Tutorial Index — tharle VFX
Some on Pluralsight:
And the offical channel:

Don’t be intimidated if your early work isn’t that great - it’s all a learning process! And there’s a good mix of creative and technical skill, if you focus on learning the technical first then the creative will come later.

Don’t be afraid to do some fan art and recreate fx from your favourite games either - breaking down and replicating something is a great way to learn.

Hope that helps!

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We actually get that quite a bit here on the forums, so a very cool dude made an overview topic on how to get started!

Good luck!

Just wanted to echo what has been said above and also suggest you try patreon as well. Some VFX artist got good content and easy to follow.

If you’ve got some money to “invest”, it might be a good idea investing it in yourself and buying either mentored sessions through patreon or CGMA course. Otherwise just start making VFX and start posting them here, I’m sure a lot of people will try to help you.