New artist need help for electric circle unity

Hi everyone !

I am new vfx artist, generaly i use unreal but for this project i need to start unity.

So, i try to do an electrical circle around a trap (vertical cylinder mesh)

i had some ideas to do this …

  1. for my the best option, SHADER ! (i love work with shader and material).
    i do electrical shader and i apply on donuts around my cylinder.

i had made similar thing on unreal :

So i open shader forge and i try to do something like that :

but the general shape of the ligthing is not good for me.

for shader i don t have more idea… maybe because i am not master with shaderforge…

  1. Particule trail !

i animated 4 emiters around my trap, and i add noise on my trail.

i try lot of settings … bad result. here again maybe because i am not master with unity.

anyway, again i am not master, i have find lot of documentation, i have script for ligting between two points, i dont want 2D sprite…

in unreal i have beam emmiter, and procedural material, i unity i am lost !

Thank for reading, have nice day.

ps : Excuse my English if i did mistake.

Hi Clem462,

I am also coming from UE4 and working now with Unity. I had the same issue in the beginng with unity, it is different to work in unity compare to UE4. :slight_smile:

For your beam issue, you can use the Line Render in Unity! Check out this tutorial!

In usual i am writting the shaders in unity, so i didn’t know shader forge.
In your unity version you missing the glow. Maybe this plugin could help you with that.


thk a lot Yunus for the reply.

Actually, i use one shader with mesh.

here the video of effect in my game :

the quality is medium, in game the beam is more fast :wink:

all comments are welcome !