Neon skies shortfilm

Hi all.

I would like to share our submission for the Unreal film Jam .
An animated short film with the theme “oh the places you’ll go”

I will post some wips and behind the scenes later when i get some sleep
I hope you’ll like it.


Here’s some wips for the fx i did for the short film.
This was my first time using unreal engine and doing vfx for realtime. :grimacing::grimacing:
Because of time constraints (we did the whole short in about a month) and my “noobness” in doing Fx for realtime I ended up doing more stuff outside the engine than I would like to and it was still a struggle.

The fire , the city growing and building destruction was done in houdini and then imported into unreal as alembic.
I did a custom shader for the holograms based on a few different tutorials.
The ripples setup was made from following the great tutorial from Taizyd , thanks for the help again :slight_smile: DeepSpaceBanana Art - Art

I hope in the future to get a bit more time to work on more realtime fx especially particle stuff inside unreal


Hey it looks amazing. Some FX are really nice!

I was wondering how you did the city buildings animation. I tried to export something similar from Houdini to Unreal with vertex animation but that didn’t seem to work.

Hi. thanks :slight_smile:

I exported it as alembic, everything that i did in houdini for this project was done trough alembic files. It’s not ideal and it crashed a lot , sometimes it crashed unreal some others the actual pc went down after import. :cold_sweat::cold_sweat:
Since i didn’t have to worry about performace as it wasnt for a game i ended up going with alembic, but it was very unstable.
I would like to have tried vertex animation but the process seemed a bit complex (at least for me ) so i didn’t have time to try it out and troubleshoot. But i might look at it in the future