Need Help With A WetMap Project Houdini

Hello guys, I am struggling with a project that I really need help on applying a wet map image to a project in Houdini I seriously need some help can anyone help me?

What’s the issue? I googled “Houdini Wetmap” and got 7 tutorials and plenty of documentation. Without more specifics on your problem I don’t think we can help you.

Hey Andreas the project I have to do, I have to take a wet map image and apply it to a scene I will I have to generate a tire spray. I will submit the project file and image so you can look at it. This is everything I got so maybe you could help me figure this out thank you for the reply.

Side Note I just realized who you are!!! yo I watch your vfx tutorials dude you are a God lol

I have to apply this image to a car to generate tire spray

Is there anyone willing and able to help me please.

Define apply. Do you want it in a material? As Attributes? A Texture in a game engine? What tutorial are you following? Where are you getting stuck?

Is it the shading that’s not working? The spray generation? The masking? The rendering?

Without providing details, we can’t help you.

The image I presented I have to take that and apply it as a material to a grid as the ground. I also have to make it a wet map so the white will be the puddles and the black will be dry. The black is not supposed to show once I turn it into a wet map, in the project I have a animated car driving around in a figure 8 kind of motion.
As the car drives over the white spots the tire are supposed to make a spray type of effect like water is doing a small splash. when the car drives over the dry spots no water is supposed to come out. I have watched tutorials on wet maps but for the project I have to do it doesn’t show me how to apply the fluid effect to only be on certain parts of the car.
I am trying to only get the tires to do the spray as it drives over the puddles. Someone told me to try Attribute from map to get the black out of the image so I will give that a try. I just have no clue where to start with this project.

It sounds like you would benefit from breaking this down into smaller projects.

First, learn how to set up and render a material that looks wet. Then go through the Houdini basics so you understand how to separate out the wheels from the car.

Second, learn what a wetmap is, as what you described is not really it. What you want is more of a static mask. Wetmaps are used to dynamically make something look wet based on fluid hitting a surface.

Third, decide on the method you want to use for the spray. Particles or Flip would be good options. Learn the basics of the choosen method.

Fourth. Once you’ve decided on the method and learned it, use the mask to drive the simulation based on collision or proximity to the wheels. You can use attribute from map to get a color from the mask to a grid, then delete everything that’s black by the color attribute. Use the resulting mesh as your source for your sim.

Good luck!