Nate Swinney: basic ice attack - 2D rough draft

The next effect I’m working on is a basic ice attach with an icy magic damage effect in the works. This is a quick sketch I did for the basic attack. I’ve gotten so much help on here so I keep posting, if I’m posting too frequently or if there is a better format for posting quick iterations let me know, otherwise I’ll just keep throwing these drafts up for feedback, Thanks everyone!


i like one mega thread for easy bookmarking.

knowing how well the fireball came out; maybe use the 3d space more like in the fire example
allow some of the ice buildup to encompass the caster wider so you get a stronger telestration…in-case the cam is behind them
also the attack could freeze the opponent rather than just dissipate as water/shards?

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That is a great idea, I really like the freeze effect. And does a mega thread just entail posting updates in the same topic?

yah, 1 topic all posts; that’s how i’d do it so that 1 link has everything

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