Nate Lane: Sketch #3 WIP

Heyo! I’ve lately been pretty inspired by SNES era games, perhaps because of GDQ… and thought I’d have a go at this months challenge and try my hand at some pixelated vfx :grin:. (As a Sketch mod I won’t be in the run :cry:)

I’ve never done pixel art before so I’m struggling a bit with workflow. I will need to completely scratch this work and restart using shapes to animate, and leave the coloring for the end (lol, wish I new this before I started). Posting my scrapped work anyway to show my general direction I want to head with this. (this little guy is Tiamat from Breath of Fire 3)

Piskel motion test:

Rough concept:

I’m currently using Piskel which is pretty good, however I’m already finding its limitations with rotating and translating layers as I want to. Does anyone have any experience with pixel art programs that perhaps give you more control?


Here’s a list of editors:

I actually use Photoshop for sprite work but I wouldn’t recomend it :slight_smile:

Graphics Gale looks like it could be what you need.

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As @Urgaffel I use more a fullblown 2d program, Krita. But also I wouldn’t recommend since it doesn’t even have interpolation between frames :smiley: And I do more handpainted then pixelart.

Still have to try out other editors, for pixel art there might be much better and specialized ones.

If you are used to photoshop, then for better focus on the animation itself, I’d suggest you give it a go using a program you already know and inside use tools like the pencil for precise pixel paint.
And start with the lowest resolution you can imagine for the job, or lower :stuck_out_tongue:

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The concept art is really very nice Nate @NateLane, Looking forward to see the full animation with effects:+1: