Naruto Fan arts Made with Unity



Hi there,This is my first post:grinning:
I created this fan made demo in Unity,last year.
no post editing, it’s real time effect
Here’s another fan made demo of Drangonball
If you like it,check out the post below,my showweel video on youtube.

would like to hear your feedback or comment


Really awesome work!

Uploading to Vimeo or YouTube is going to be your best option. Paste a link in your post, and it will embed itself.


OK I get it.Thanks a lot~


My 2018 showreel of Unity Game VFX

I upload my work on youtube, please check it out :slight_smile:
Here’s some preview:
it’s all real-time effect,made with Unity

WeChat official account :TAK游戏特效
QQ 87483086


Thanks for sharing, really inspiring !


I’m not a huge anime buff (at least for Naruto and Dragon Ball. One Piece ftw), but these are absolutely astonishing. Amazingly well done, thank you for sharing!


That last effect is a masterpiece, well done !


Thanks a lot~ you mean the Dragonball? it’s very vintage anime I’m so into it:wink:


These are amazing! How did you get such great camera work? It adds a lot and makes it looks very professional.


Did you have any tutroial course for what you doing?


Hello,I use the Cinemachine in Unity,it’s a great camera tool.which is released since 2017.1 version.


Yes, but it’s in Chinese.I hope there’ll be chance to do English version in the future.


I’m also very interested in learning how to make those anime effects. they always look awesome


There’s a book written in Japanese about making it in 3DCG, a link on youtube


Hi, Tak Fung I can understand Chinese, can you the link about it ?

There’are 3 episodes by now,start with basic skill.
If you have WeChat account, follow my official account:TAK游戏特效 for further information.




This is amazing, your timing adds so much anticipation! I love that Piccolo + Android 19 scene, do you have any tips on the shader/meshes for those volumetric beams?


Thank you for your comment~ mesh/shader is simple.I used hand-painted texure.If you understand Chinese, here’s an article about this work